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Successful Appellate Decisions

At The Law Offices of Eyal Talassazan, P.C., we are dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation and achieving favorable outcomes for our clients. Our appellate decisions highlight our commitment to justice and our ability to handle complex legal challenges. Explore our case results to see how we have made a difference in the lives of those we represent.

Lipszyc v. Lipszyc

The court modified an order to deny summary judgment on a fraud claim, allowing it to proceed, while affirming the dismissal of other claims and denying the plaintiff’s cross-motion for leave to amend the complaint.

Read a full synopsis of the case here.

Silverman v. Silverman

The court reversed the decision granting the father residential custody of the children, finding that the attorney for the children acted contrary to their wishes without justifiable cause, and remitted the matter for a de novo hearing with a new attorney for the children.

Read a full synopsis of the case here.

Maliah-Dupass v. Dupass

The court affirmed as modified, granting a discovery sanction precluding the wife from producing certain physical evidence or testimony at trial due to her failure to comply with court-ordered discovery over an extended period, but denied the husband’s request for interim counsel fees since the wife was the less-monied spouse.

Read a full synopsis of the case here.

Rigas v. Rigas

Summary judgment dismissing the fraud and constructive trust claims against Shmuel Munish Lipszyc was modified to allow the fraud claim to proceed, while other dismissals and denials were affirmed.

Read a full synopsis of the case here.

Rockman v. Nassau County Sheriff’s Department

The court upheld the denial of a motion to stay proceedings to compel the sale of a homestead to satisfy a money judgment, finding the trial court had exercised its discretion appropriately.

Read a full synopsis of the case here.

Oppedisano v. Oppedisano

The court reversed the imposition of $5,000 sanctions against Pietro Oppedisano and his counsel, finding the trial court had denied them a reasonable opportunity to be heard.

Read a full synopsis of the case here.

D’Alauro v. D’Alauro

The appeal from Maribeth D’Alauro was dismissed, with the court affirming the decision to vacate a prior order that directed the defendant to use 401K funds to bring the mortgage on the marital residence current and to sell the marital residence.

Read a full synopsis of the case here.

Grant v. County of Nassau

The court reinstated Peggy Grant’s medical malpractice claim, holding that failure to comply with statutory pretrial notice filings and certificate of merit could not alone justify dismissal.

Read a full synopsis of the case here.

Chiang v. County of Nassau

The court reversed the disqualification of Catherine Chiang from eligibility for appointment as a Nassau County Police Officer, finding the determination arbitrary and capricious based on credible medical evidence that she was qualified.

Read a full synopsis of the case here.

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