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Nassau County Family Lawyer

Our firm specializes in all facets of Garden City family law practice and has handled dozens of family law-related cases over the past ten years. This includes simple modification cases, paternity issues, as well as the most complex divorce cases. Although we will try to settle your case to avoid costly litigation, we are more than prepared to take a case to trial and litigate it from beginning to end. We understand that legal issues like divorce or custody can cause a tremendous amount of stress; nevertheless, we enjoy helping our clients during these difficult times. If you’re facing a family law matter of any kind, you can have peace of mind in turning to a seasoned Nassau County family lawyer from the Law Offices of Eyal Talassazan, P.C.

Family Lawyer | Here for Clients in Garden City & throughout Nassau County

Firms typically have the clock running when speaking with clients, but we are known for our willingness to sit down and listen and talk with our clients to determine their needs and legal goals. We will then formulate a strategy to move forward that you are comfortable with and gives your case the best chance for success. With so much on the line, you cannot make the mistake of hiring just any attorney to represent you; you need a lawyer from the Law Offices of Eyal Talassazan, P.C.

Family Law Cases We Handle

The Law Offices of Eyal Talassazan, P.C. handles a broad scope of family law cases on behalf of our clients. Just some of the family law matters we handle involve the following:

  • Divorce: For many people, divorce is the most complicated legal issue they’ll ever face. For some, the process moves along smoothly, especially when the divorce isn’t particularly contentious, but this isn’t always the case. Our firm is capable of handling dissolution agreements that are straightforward, complex, or somewhere in between. No matter the circumstances of your divorce, you can depend on us to get you the results you need.
  • High Net Worth Divorce: When a marital dissolution involves substantial wealth, such as enterprises, real estate, securities, pensions, or trusts, the stakes are high and the challenges are manifold. High net worth divorce entails not only the equitable distribution of assets, but also the resolution of matters such as alimony, child support, taxation, prenups, concealed assets, and valuation conflicts. This domain of family law demands a specialized skill set that only a seasoned family lawyer can provide. Fortunately, you are in the right place. The Law Offices of Eyal Talassazan, P.C. is here to help.
  • Child Custody: One of the most contentious areas for a couple, custody issues are something we handle daily. If you want to get custody of your children to ensure their best interests are met, our legal team is here to fight for you. Reach out to us today so we can build a strategy to best protect you and your family.
  • Alimony: Often, when a couple gets divorced, the financially dependent spouse will require alimony (also referred to as spousal support) to maintain the standard of living established during the marriage. Alimony arrangements typically consider a variety of factors, including the length of the marriage, employment skills, and financial resources. Whether you’re looking to receive alimony or you believe you’re being unfairly required to pay it, you need a seasoned divorce lawyer in your corner who can fight for your best interests.
  • Child Support: Matters concerning child support are vital to your child’s well-being. Courts in New York maintain that both parents are required to contribute to their child, and as a result, will typically require non-custodial parents to make monthly child support payments. Courts in New York calculate child support using the Child Support Guidelines, however, they will also consider other factors specific to your case that they deem relevant. For this reason, you need a competent attorney who can help best ensure your child’s best interests are protected.
  • Property Distribution: New York is an equitable distribution state, however, you need to understand that “equitable” does not mean “equal.” Equitable, in this case, refers to what the court believes is a fair and just split of assets, not what is a 50/50 split. With so much at stake, you must hire an attorney who can protect what’s rightfully yours.
  • Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements: These agreements are more common than ever, and they’ve proven extremely beneficial for dual-income couples or couples with complex finances. If you wish to draft an agreement that can effectively protect your hard-earned assets, our firm can help.
  • Fathers’ Rights: Every family is different, but fathers sometimes need to fight to be involved in their children’s lives. The Law Offices of Eyal Talassazan, P.C. is a staunch supporter of fathers in New York State, and we are here to help ensure you can play a role in raising your child.
  • Paternity: Proving paternity is incredibly important, not only for you as a parent, but also for your child. If you need assistance, our firm is here.
  • LGBTQ Family Law: LGBTQ family law largely deals with the same issues as all other couples, however, it’s important to hire a compassionate, understanding attorney who has extensive experience working with couples and members of the LGBTQ community.
  • Domestic Violence: If you have been made a victim of domestic violence, we will work to establish legal protection for you or other family members. Don’t wait to speak with an attorney. Contact us today so we can get you to safety.
  • Legal Separation: For some couples, legal separation is preferred to divorce, either for religious reasons or otherwise. If you think this may be right for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our firm. We can explain the process and walk you through your options.
  • Divorce Mediation: Many couples find that mediation is a far superior alternative to a litigated divorce, as it is frequently less contentious and ultimately gives each spouse more of a say in the outcome of their divorce. Here at the Law Offices of Eyal Talassazan, P.C., we have extensive experience handling mediated divorces, and we are here to put that experience to work for you as well.
  • Post-Judgment Modifications: If your life has changed since your initial divorce decree and the terms of that decree no longer reflect you or your child’s circumstances in life, you may qualify for a post-judgment modification, and our firm can help you receive it.
  • Family Law Appeals: If you’re looking to change the outcome of an initial family law agreement, we are here to help. We have extensive experience guiding clients through the appellate process, and we are prepared to put that experience to work for you.

Garden City Family Lawyer | Helping You And Your Family Move Forward

While emotions can be heightened during these stressful times, a well-conceived arrangement can provide a family with a map for moving to the next phase of their lives. Don’t hire just any lawyer to represent you; hire a dedicated Nassau County family lawyer from the Law Offices of Eyal Talassazan, P.C. today.

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