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Excellent service.

Tom C.

Great lawyer and a stand-up guy who will fight for what is right.

Mark K.

Great lawyer. He gets the job done. Fair on his pricing and helps you out big time!!! Not only is he your lawyer, but he is a good friend too.

Andrew T.

Eyal has saved my life. He stepped up and took charge. He told me all I needed to do was trust him and so said so done. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer.

Jandrea B.

Hiring Eyal was the best choice I’ve ever made. Wonderful job, and a great lawyer. He stood by me the whole time. Thank you once again!

Gene J.

Great work. I definitely would recommend him if in need of representation. Will work with you and is very personable. Easy to stay in contact with.

Rich G.

Eyal really really cares about his clients and takes the time to listen carefully and provide accurate and honest advice. Recommend him to anyone who wants a trustworthy, hardworking, and diligent attorney. Excellent service!

Sammy H.

I was very satisfied with Mr. Eyal Talassazan’s professionalism and experience as a divorce lawyer from the beginning in 2019 until the end in January 2022.

Freddy D.

Finally!!!!!! A fabulous ethical lawyer. Eyal handled everything personally and effectively. He’s elegant in his manners and stealthy in his legal acumen. Hire Eyal and trust you are in capable hands. I am forever grateful for his representation.

Gwynne J.

Outstanding Service by an Outstanding Professional! Eyal represented me for well over 2 years and his thoroughness, professionalism, transparency, and tenacity served me well. I will highly recommend Mr. Talassazan for any family court matter. Hopefully, I will never need his services again, but if I do, I will not hesitate to contact him. Fair pricing as well!

Matthew R.

Divorce is a confusing and stressful ordeal, mine was exceptionally so in many ways. The divorce went on for about eight (8) years, custody battle, forensic reports, experts, trial…you name it. Throughout the entire time, Eyal was always available, day or night. Eyal talked me off the ledge when I needed to be more objective and less emotional, but he also told me when we needed to push a bit harder when I was ready to throw in the towel. Eyal has always been exceptionally thorough in his knowledge, preparation and in his ability to act as of voice of reason while dealing with the divorce process. I found Eyal’s legal skills to be exceptional, he is an excellent legal thinker, and his strategies and tactics were nothing but first rate. I highly recommend Eyal, I guarantee you will be in exceptionally good hands.

Tom O.

I highly recommend the law office of Eyal Talasazan to anyone in need of a divorce attorney. Eyal handled my case personally. I never had to deal with paralegals or anyone else. He was very prompt in returning my calls and addressing my questions and concerns. He was always professional in everything he did. He was knowledgeable and aware of case laws that were relevant to mine. He was patient in explaining technical and difficult legal terms and proceedings to me. In court and dealing with opposing counsel he was fierce and fought hard for me. Out of court, he was an empathetic friend. He made a very difficult time in my life a little easier.

Maz R.

I highly recommend Eyal Talassazan. He is extremely intelligent and competent. He is your direct and only contact, every step of the way. I was dealing with parental alienation. My son was being kept from me by his irrational mother. She made many false allegations. The judge ruled conservatively based on her lies, and it seemed as if she had the child advocate fooled. Nonetheless, Eyal was able to get me shared custody, my desired outcome.

Jon-Paul L.

Mr. Eyal Talassazan is great inside and outside the court. When I first met him last year, he listened to me well and understood my needs and situation. He provided me with the best knowledge to help me decide how I should peruse my case. Family matters are very delicate and stressful. You would be lucky if Eyal is representing you!! He is the guy who would fight for you inside the court and outside he is your best friend. He is wise and very well knowledgeable, always prepared! I never had to deal with any paralegals or assistants, which is a big plus!


Eyal made this experience so much easier for me. He was so easy to work with, he always kept me informed and worked with me to make it easy and affordable. I am so grateful and very blessed to have met him. I would recommend him to anyone going through a divorce right now. You would be the lucky one to have him on your side handling your case every step of the way. Thank you Eyal Talassazan you are the absolute best.

Angela H.
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