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Nassau County Civil Appeal Attorney

A civil lawsuit is one where a plaintiff sues a defendant for wrongdoing, often on the premise of negligence that resulted in harm. Unfortunately, at times, plaintiffs fail to be fairly compensated for the damages they’ve sustained in an initial verdict. If this has happened to you, speak with a skilled Nassau County civil appeal attorney from The Law Offices of Eyal Talassazan, P.C. today.

Civil Appeals Attorney: Representing Clients in NYS

The Law Offices of Eyal Talassazan, P.C. believes victims of negligence and wrongdoing deserve to be fairly and fully compensated. Whether you were injured and failed to recover compensation in your initial trial or were defamed in a newspaper and denied compensation, you can depend on us to effectively fight for the justice you deserve.

We handle a wide range of civil appeal cases, including the following:

  • Personal Injury Appeals: If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence and the court’s decision did not adequately compensate you, we can help challenge the verdict.
  • Medical Malpractice Appeals: When a healthcare provider’s negligence causes harm and the initial ruling is not in your favor, we will work to rectify this through the appeals process.
  • Product Liability Appeals: If a defective product caused injury and your claim was unjustly denied, our firm is prepared to appeal the decision.
  • Breach of Contract Appeals: We assist clients in appealing cases where a breach of contract led to significant losses, but the court’s decision was not satisfactory.
  • Defamation Appeals: If you were defamed and the initial verdict did not provide fair compensation, we can help you appeal for a more just outcome.
  • Employment Dispute Appeals: Whether it’s wrongful termination, discrimination, or unpaid wages, we handle appeals for various employment-related disputes.
  • Real Estate Dispute Appeals: If a property dispute did not resolve in your favor, our firm can assist in appealing the court’s decision.
  • Commercial Litigation Appeals: We represent businesses and individuals in appealing adverse rulings in commercial litigation cases.

What Constitutes a Successful Civil Appeal?

Importantly, a civil appeal is not a retrial but a review of the legal process to identify errors that may have affected the outcome of the case. To achieve a successful civil appeal, the following grounds must typically be proven:

  • Legal Errors: Demonstrating that the trial court made a significant error in applying or interpreting the law. This can include improper jury instructions, incorrect legal standards, or the exclusion of crucial evidence.
  • Procedural Errors: Showing that the court made procedural mistakes that impacted the fairness of the trial. This might involve errors in how the trial was conducted or how evidence was handled.
  • Insufficient Evidence: Arguing that the verdict was not supported by the evidence presented during the trial. This involves demonstrating that no reasonable jury could have reached the given verdict based on the evidence.
  • Abuse of Discretion: Proving that the trial judge acted beyond their discretion in a way that prejudiced the case. This can include unfair rulings on motions or evidentiary issues that significantly affected the trial’s outcome.
  • New Evidence: Introducing newly discovered evidence that could not have been obtained during the original trial and that could potentially change the verdict.

To succeed in a civil appeal, it is essential to work with an experienced appellate attorney who can meticulously review trial records, identify appealable issues, and present compelling arguments to the appellate court. At The Law Offices of Eyal Talassazan, P.C., we are dedicated to providing thorough and strategic appellate representation to ensure your rights are upheld and justice is achieved.

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