The dissolution of a marriage affects the parties involved and their children. The impact of a divorce on a child can vary depending on how their parents behave during this complex legal process. Parents must prioritize their children’s well-being when navigating a divorce. While a divorce can have negative long-term consequences if not handled properly, you can mitigate the emotional impact on your child by taking the necessary steps to safeguard their best interests. Please continue reading to learn how to ensure your child’s best interests during a divorce and how a competent Garden City Divorce Lawyer can help you today. 

Should I try to keep the divorce amicable?

If you and your spouse know you are headed toward divorce, you should try your best to keep it amicable for your children. It’s beneficial to discuss and agree on the terms that will apply to the termination of your marriage. During the divorce process, you will be burdened with ironing out critical issues such as property division, spousal support, child custody, and child support. If a couple cannot reach an agreement outside of court, determining the issues will fall onto the judge’s lap.

Ultimately, couples are much better off making choices for their family than a judge. Judges can do so when necessary, but they must prefer that people make these choices for themselves and their children when needed. When a judge makes decisions, you will lose power and have no say in what happens. Therefore, to ensure your child’s best interests, you should remain amicable and keep control over your say in the divorce.

How can I safeguard my child’s best interests during a divorce in New York?

To ensure your child’s best interests during a divorce, you must do everything in your power to be a good co-parent. When co-parenting, your child’s needs should be your top priority. Understandably, you may feel anger or resentment towards your former spouse. However, you must set aside these negative emotions to avoid clouding your judgment. It’s essential to separate your feelings from your behavior. If you let your emotions take over, you won’t be able to work cooperatively with your child’s other parent. You may even put your child in the middle, significantly impacting their emotional well-being.

As such, you should never speak negatively about your former spouse or use them as messengers in front of your child. It’s better to keep your issues to yourself. You must communicate well and maintain a strong relationship with your child. Children need stability. Therefore, you should remain an active participant in their lives.

If a divorce is imminent, please don’t hesitate to enlist the legal assistance of a determined lawyer from the Law Offices of Eyal Talassazan, P.C., who can help you take the necessary steps during this intricate legal process to preserve your child’s best interests.