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Is Separation Right For Your Circumstances?

Making a choice to separate from a spouse can be challenging even when it seems like the right decision. I have handled simple to complex legal separation agreements in the last decade. For the most part, I believe in attempting to solve difficult issues through amicable negotiation.

There are many reasons to consider legal separation if you and your spouse are no longer able to find common ground in your marriage. In the event you decide to divorce after separating, your legal separation order greatly simplifies your divorce process.

Your separation agreement can be created to fit your specific situation. During our consultation, we can map out your goals. The strategy I create with you going forward it based on efficiently reaching your objectives.

What Does Legal Separation Mean?

The general concept of separation is often the first step toward filing for divorce. Many married couples separate before the divorce or perhaps use this agreement with the idea that some time apart will help them sort issues out and work toward reconciliation. Whereas many couples may informally separate or move out, “legal separation” is specific. The family court must approve and order legal separation.

Why Legal Separation Works For Some

There are some aspects of legal separation that some couples consider desirable:

  • The New York and federal tax codes for marriage still applies.
  • It is easier to legally reconcile (all they need to do is submit a request).
  • Child custody is the same as in marriage.
  • Property ownership and finances are the same as marriage.
  • Child support is legally formalized.
  • It conforms with religious beliefs.

Call Me For A Confidential Consultation To Discuss Your Legal Separation Concerns

Building a fair and binding separation agreement is possible, even if you and your spouse do not see eye to eye. At the Law Offices of Eyal Talassazan, P.C., I provide my clients with innovative solutions based on a decade of family law experience. A legal separation can give you a fresh perspective in life when it is created with your best interests at the heart of it. Let’s talk about your legal options. Call me for a free consultation today at 516-350-5074. You can also reach my office in Garden City via email.