Regardless of whether you were blindsided or knew a divorce was imminent, the decision to dissolve a marriage is never easy, and scheduling an initial consultation with a divorce lawyer can make it feel all the more real. However, it is an essential step to begin the divorce process. To start on the right track and increase the likelihood of achieving a favorable outcome, you must bring certain documents to your initial meeting with your divorce lawyer. These documents will provide your lawyer with pertinent information they need to determine the most effective way they can help you. Please continue reading to learn what documents you should bring to your initial consultation with a divorce lawyer and discover how a knowledgeable Garden City Divorce Lawyer can help you navigate this complex legal process. 

What documents should I take to an initial consultation with a divorce lawyer?

A divorce consultation is your first meeting with your divorce lawyer. It is helpful to look at it as an information-gathering session as you will provide your lawyer with relevant information about your case, and they will provide you with information about their background and the impending divorce process to ensure you are prepared for what to expect. To benefit the most from this initial consultation, you should bring the following documents:

  • Your original marriage license and certificate. During your initial consultation, your divorce lawyer will want to review a copy of your original marriage license to verify that you are legally married, and the court can grant you a divorce. Additionally, your divorce lawyer will be able to establish the length of your marriage. This is important if you were married for at least ten years, as you could claim some of your former spouse’s social security benefits.
  • Financial records. In most cases, especially if you are divorcing with children, it is beneficial to bring any tax returns or pay stubs that can provide your lawyer with proof of income. The court may order that one of the divorcing parties pay maintenance to the other for spousal or child support. These records will help your lawyer determine whether you are obligated to pay or entitled to receive these types of court-ordered payments.
  • Prenuptial agreement. If you created a prenuptial agreement before you tied the knot, bringing it to your initial consultation is imperative. Your lawyer needs to know what assets are considered marital and separate to ensure your personal property is not split during property distribution and that you receive a fair portion of your marital assets.
  • A list of questions. Often, individuals forget critical questions they want to ask their lawyers, leaving them unprepared. To ensure your questions are answered to alleviate some of your stress regarding the impending divorce process, you should bring a list of questions that includes relevant facts you want to share with your lawyer.

During your initial consultation with your divorce lawyer, it is best to bring along as much documentation as possible. This will help them better understand your case.

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