Unfortunately, divorces can get ugly, especially if one spouse feels blindsided by the decision to end the marriage. In such cases, you may be worried about the details of your divorce being exposed to the public. Taking the necessary steps to ensure your divorce is kept private will benefit you and safeguard your family. Therefore, if you are worried about keeping your divorce private, contact a trusted Garden City Divorce Lawyer to help protect your privacy. 

What measures can I take to ensure the details of my divorce are kept private in New York?

As much as you may love using social media platforms to keep up with your friends and family, it can pose a significant problem when undergoing a divorce. Although you may believe you are just posting about your daily life, this information can be used against you as your former spouse’s attorney may use your social media as a resource to build an argument for custody, alimony, division of assets, and more. Additionally, people who follow your social media accounts may begin asking you questions or making assumptions trying to figure out what is happening in your personal life. You should avoid using social media to ensure your divorce is kept private.

If your former spouse has passwords to your private accounts, you should change them immediately. If your former spouse can access your accounts, they can obtain sensitive information they might spitefully leak to others. To ensure they cannot access your accounts containing private information, you should change your passwords and set up a two-factor authentication system as an additional defense.

Moreover, it would be best if you disabled information-sharing across devices and services. If your spouse has access to your devices, such as your phone, computer, and even your data plan, they can access private information, such as your text messages, call history, and other personal data. You should turn off shared devices and shared services to ensure they cannot access this private information.

How can I avoid putting my divorce on the public record?

Under certain circumstances, having the judge fully or partially seal your divorce papers may be possible. However, once your attorney requests the judge, they have complete discretion in granting this request. It is critical to note that judges usually will only seal a case file to protect information regarding minor children or victims of domestic abuse.

If you want to guarantee that the details of your divorce will be kept under wraps, you should consider pursuing an alternative divorce method. Alternatives divorce routes, such as divorce mediation and collaborative divorce, allow you to dissolve your marriage while avoiding litigation. Essentially, these processes are confidential. All private information about you and your former spouse is not submitted to the official court record. Therefore, you can end your marriage without stepping foot into a courtroom through these divorce methods. This will ensure that the details of your divorce are kept out of public record.

Although, you may not be able to stop all the information about your divorce from getting out. You can take several steps to ensure that as little information as possible gets out. If you would like to keep your divorce private, contact a seasoned lawyer from The Law Offices of Eyal Talassazan, P.C., who can help you take the necessary steps to safeguard your privacy.