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Your Garden City Fathers’ Rights Lawyer: Letting Dads Be Dads

There was a general presumption that mothers are the parent who provides much of the care and general nurturing that is most important. However, the equal rights for fathers movement has gained speed since the 1970s and made a huge impact upon family law. Now it’s a general rule in New York and elsewhere that parents who file for divorce will share joint custody even if the children’s primary residence is with the mother. The main goal of protecting a father’s rights is to maintain the meaningful relationship between the father and child even after divorce or separation.

Generally speaking, I believe that the children will be happier if they are cared for, loved and supported by their actively involved father as well as their mother. This makes for healthier and more functional members in a divorced family. Unfortunately, the mother may not agree with this assessment. I am an attorney who has worked with many fathers since opening my Garden City office doors in 2014.

In a worst-case scenario, a mother can file for divorce and then get sole custody of the children and then move out of state. As a lawyer who focuses on family law issues, I have a deep grasp of the legal and emotional issues involved. I work with fathers to get to the heart of the matter and figure out a fair and equitable custody plan or visitation agreement even when we have to go to court to do so.

Your Rights As A Father

There are several issues to consider when protecting your rights as a father and parent. These include:

Joint custody: This gives you an equal say in the big issues of raising your children

Visitation: Make sure this arrangement is written down

Relocation: If this is a concern, it should be discussed to establish conditions

Other important issues: There may be specific issues unique to your situation that you want formalized

In the era of the dual-income family or even the mother as the main income earner, it is by no means a given the mother is the primary caregiver. Mothers will always have a unique bond with their children, but fathers also have a certain connection and I enjoy ensuring this is the case.

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