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Determining Paternity Is More Than Establishing Father’s Rights

When you take the time to establish your child’s paternity, it gives the child a sense of place in the world. While this fact is important to your child’s overall well-being in the long run, it is not the only reason to establish paternity. Paternity is the legal process to determine the legal father of a child.

Unwed parents often wing it. Getting along as parents and working things out informally – such as where the child is going live, who will pay for medical insurance or clothing, where the child will attend school, what extracurricular activities the child will participate in – is perfectly fine until parents can no longer agree to those matters. Or when a father skips out and does not pay child support for the child.

Paternity: The First Step In Securing Parental Rights, Child Custody And Support

For parents who are married at the time their child is born, the husband is automatically the legal father of the child. This legal status comes with full parental rights and responsibilities for the child, even after divorce. But what if there were no marriage vows before the child was born?

Without legal paternity, either by signing a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity or filing a petition in family court, a mother or guardian of a child cannot pursue the father of the child for payment of child support.

Beyond child support, paternity provides parents with clear guidelines about parental rights, visitation schedules, and legal and physical child custody matters. The father’s name will then be added to the child’s birth certificate. Transparency about family medical background is available to the child as well as inheritance rights, Social Security or Veterans benefits.

Take That First Step With Confidence

Sometimes it may be in the child’s best interest not to establish paternity for your child. In the case that it would harmful to the child to do so, the court may not support it. However, merely disagreeing with the other parent is not a sufficient reason to keep from establishing paternity for your child.

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